ST:TNG Mirror TV Guide S2E33: A Matter of Honor

ST:TNG Mirror TV Guide
by the Enigmatic Miss Sunbeam
read by Karmen Ghia

33. A Matter of Honor: Great Riker ep and slashy as hell! Apparently, Jean-Luc and the captain of a Klingon vessel grant each other most-favored-boytoy status; the Klingons get Riker. Lotsa of steamy moments ensue. Riker takes a real shine to lanky farouche Klag who returns the favor. Klag’s dad doesn’t understand him. “Neither does mine,” Riker says and bites his lower lip, “but I always wanted someone, a daddy, who would unnerstand me.” “I know what you mean,” Klag breathes. “Jean-Luc, he’s nice ‘n’ everything, but he doesn’t give me what I really want.” Klag swallows, “What do you really want?” “Sometimes,” Riker fixes his most limpid gaze on Klag, “sometimes I think I need a spanking. With my pants down.” “Ahh,” says Klag, nearly swooning, “you mean, with your kneesapart. So I can see everything?” “Yes,” Riker whispers demurely. Wow. You all get the picture. Happy ending! Klag and Riker get married, plus there’s bacteria and a comic Benzite!

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