ST:TNG Mirror TV Guide S3E62: Yesterday’s Enterprise

ST:TNG Mirror TV Guide
by the Enigmatic Miss Sunbeam
read by Karmen Ghia

62. Yesterday’s Enterprise. Champion bestest episode of all time! See, Jean-Luc and them are all messing about as they always do, and they go through a temporal rift where they’re twenty years in the past and the Klingons are mopping the floor with the Federation and it’s kind of an AU and everybody’s nerves are on edge, and it’s really sexy, and Jean-Luc has to snarl at Riker for being such a big freelance pussy, and barkeep Guinan is acting battle strategist (Whoopi is so wonderful; you can see how Guinan persuades Jean-Luc that she’s right.) The greatest moment is one which repudiates all you TOS’ers [1] who say that Jean-Luc is a social worker and a big femme and a girlycow that goes moomoo. At an analogous climactic moment when Shatner just kind of weaves around and says “Those Klingon bastards killed my son”, My Man leaps like Nijinsky off the bridge, says to the Klingons who want him to surrender “That will be the day, cocksuckers!” and proceeds to machine-gun his way back to “real” time. Words can do no justice to this ep.

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1. The Original Series.