ST:TNG Mirror TV Guide S3E64: Sins of the Father

ST:TNG Mirror TV Guide
by the Enigmatic Miss Sunbeam
read by Karmen Ghia

64. Sins of the Father. Once in a while, I get a spell of KRF – Klingon-Related Fatigue. And this is one of those times. Still, I rather like B’Etor and Lursa. (If only for their hot names.) Besides, I must say if I were a young, ambitious, attractive actress and offered my choice of roles: Deanna, Vash, or a Duras Sister, I’d pick Klingon in a second. That whole Deanna/Vash thing is somebody else’s strange fantasy, not mine, but Klingons are winners and that’s IT for the Klings. (See, just when you think you’re through with the Klingons, they give you a big open-mouthed kiss and everything starts all over again.)

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