ST:TNG Mirror TV Guide S3E73: The Best of Both Worlds

ST:TNG Mirror TV Guide
by the Enigmatic Miss Sunbeam
read by Karmen Ghia

73. The Best of Both Worlds Part I. Another seed of smut for me: see, Riker and them find JLP’s clothes in a drawer. You know what that means? It means he’s naked somewhere. Naked. Or even if not currently naked, he WAS naked. The suit is neatly laid out. So he was carefully rendered naked. The drawer is in a public corridor, not off in a closet. So he was naked in public. What a great idea! There’s also a whore named Shelby and she makes everybody’s life a living hell. Then Riker decides to kill JLP, who had turned into a Borg after getting naked.

So, that wraps up Season 3. We’ll be careening into Season 4, um, presently.

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