The Trek Slash Situation

Wow, after 13 years, Tripod took down my trek slash website. Oh well, even the best of friends have got to part one day.

However, my trek slash oeuvre is scattered all over the web, so if you really want to read some, you can try these links

After the Rescue (Part I) (Thank you, Peja!)

Dysecdysis (After the Rescue, Part II)

Talljet Quartet (After the Rescue, Part III)

Misc sites (Bless you, Acidqueen, for saving these)

The Pleasure of his Company (G/B hypertext round robin) (Thank you, Mark, for the link)

Coco Channel and The Society for Slash Diversity

Misc slash (including the After the Rescue Trilogy)

and do the best you can. I’m most sorry to lose the various f*ck fests, but if Yahoo (Geocities), Google, and now Tripod teach us anything, it’s that if it’s free, it’s not a sure thing. I’ve asked Tripod to restore my site, but I think chances of that are slim to none. Long live Tripod indeed, the bastards.

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